We will take care of your electric/ electronic

With the knowledge, we gained from the work with our charter fleet, we upgraded the department of electric and electronics to an idustrial standard. Profit by our know-how.

Yacht electrics


We strictly adhere to the highest industry standards in our electrical workshop. If you want to know what that means, just have a look at the control panel of a cormorant where you will see our system of cable management. It provides a quick overview and if you encounter a problem our electrician will have a wiring diagram to refer to. We are justifiably proud of the sophisticated electronics on our houseboats.


Complex electrical and electronic systems on boats are sometimes a safety risk. Old cables, defective insulation, corrosion or dirty contacts often lead to short circuits. This means that the systems should be regularly inspected and cleaned by a specialist in order to prevent accidents. Our shipyard will take care of your boat.


We check:


  • Heating systems, such as water heaters (frost protection and pressure control over 24 hours) and air heaters. As required, components are exchanged.
  • Battery system.
  • Safety protection measures with fault protection current devices.


We will also check any other electrical equipment on your boat.


Solar system

If you want to be self-sufficient, you can not avoid solar systems. Our accessible solar panel guarantees your electricity supply, even without electricity form ashore and because of the solid construction it does not have to build up on the roof. To guarantee your hot water supply we also offering solar thermal installations. Becuase of this you will be self-sufficient and you can enjoy your trip without annoying stops in the harbour.

Boat Electronics

Steuerstand eines Hausbootes mit Schaldtafel für Sicherungen

In our view boat equipment should meet the requirements of the owner. Small technical enhancements can make all the difference to your enjoyment of the boat.  


For example, you do not have to do without your favorite music. The installation of an audio system with an interface for external devices is possible on every boat. We also install video systems on houseboats.   


Passionate anglers particularly appreciate a well-equipped fishing boat. We can install a range of additional electronics like fish finders to help make your fishing a success.  


In addition to the installation of reliable and maintenance-free on board electrics, we will also gladly provide a range of electrical accessories for navigation, telecommunication, internet and country-independent power supply.  


Our team will be pleased to advise you about possible equipment options for your boat.