• We also have a boat for you!

    Do you like to drive a boat and have always wanted one? Details of our new and used boats can be found here.

Flexible Models for Buying and Selling Boats

Under the motto of a comprehensive carefree boat sale, the Kuhnle group of companies offers a service for owners who sell boats that can be rented. We are looking for displacement yachts, especially of Dutch design, as well as sailing yachts for German inland waters.

  • Construction

    Bootsbau in der Kuhnle Werft

    Designing your own boat? Let us know your ideas!

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  • Used Boats

    Verkaufssteg mit Booten

    Looking for a Houseboat, but not enough budget? Buy a used boat.

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  • purchase charter


    You want to buy a boat and let it work for you? Then use the purchase charter.

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