Laying of the deck flooring

Since many years we are laying different floorings on the decks of our charter boats as well as private boats. We attach great importance to quality. We offer a professional advising to show you which flooring can satisfy your requirements. 

For decades teak or other hardwood was the common flooring for sport boats. In the 20th century the use of grippy flooring was discovered, you could just glue it on the deck. Sometimes people used needle felting, which often caused mold or rust.

Especially in the last years the department of flooring for decks has multiplied the opportunities, which are a better solution than teakwood. At the Kuhnle shipyard we still offer teakwood but also synthetic flooring like cork.


When we lay and apply the flooring we pay special attention to accuracy, because mistakes can cause damages on the deck and there can emerge bubbles, which are caused by air or water contact. 


Which flooring is the best for my boat?


Synthetic flooring (synthetic teak)

The best alternative for a teak deck is synthetic flooring for example from Dek-King. The synthetic material consist of ultraviolet resistant PVC coating, which is, because of the nanotechnology, 30 % cooler when the sun is shining and about 32% lighter than common synthetic teak decks. The Dek-King 2G premium, that we use, is available in many different colors and looks very similar to a real teak deck. 
It is slip-proof and much easier to clean than teak, because it can be cleaned with soap suds and water blasting. Even changes of color can’t happen with synthetic teak.


Because of different shaped pieces of the material you can create diverse pattern on the deck. The flooring Dek-King is very flexible and easy to match it with different shapes.



Cork is a very old, renewable and water resistant resource, which is used for boat construction since many years. Cork is known for the long durability, slip resistance and a good insulation as well as good acoustic insulation. Additional the maintenance is very low and especially for boat owners, who like to be barefoot, it’s the perfect flooring. The cork, we use, is made of pellets, which can be pressed into different panels. Similar to Dek-King it can be more classic and modern shaped. 


Rubber mat

You can use rubber mats with a core of cork or PVC, if you don’t want to coat the whole deck but make some parts grippy. There are no borders in color, shape and design.


Liquid flooring

The coating with liquid substances is a cheap alternative. There are special floorings, which are applied with rolls. Sometimes the flooring can made more grippy with an extra interspersal.


Our offer at a glance:

•    advice to choose the right flooring 
•    removal of the old flooring, preparing deck for new
•    planning and design the new flooring
•    preparation of templates 
•    apply the new flooring
•    repairing 
•    maintenance of the slip resistance 
•    color rejuvenation