Railing & Co

A railing is not only something to just hold on. We can sculpt pipes, made of V2A (stainless steel) and V4A (stainless steel made for boats), into nearly every shape. Elegantly shaped, soft and smooth polished and without any obstacles. 
A popular modification is the stern ladder for our Kormoran, which replaced the bathing platform.


Our offers at a glance:

•    pulpits
•    metal sheets ( prevent damages in varnish or gelcoat on the anchor )
•    sea fences
•    common railing ( for covering with net or sail )
•    railing passages
•    railing for the roof
•    handrail for in- and outside
•    bathing platform
•    bathing ladder
•    special custom made designs



Often there are used many different materials for the deck, that you need the advice of our professionals. At our shipyard carpenter, welder and GRP artists are working together to make your boat perfect.


Our offers at a glance:

•    sealing of windows, doors or other holes
•    leak detection and sealing
•    repairing of all pieces of wood, steel, aluminum and GRP
•    replacement or renewal of doors with different materials like glass, acrylic glass or safety glass
•    toned or mirrored glazing
•    movable heat shields
•    mounting of new windows
•    special custom made designs