Electric boat engines

There are good reasons for an electric boat engine: First, there are low emission zones on the water, which can’t be used with combustion engines. Second, electric engines can be more reasonable for different application areas than a combustion engine. For example as a light additional engine for yawls, rowboats, ferries and other boats with a small turning radius or just if you want an engine, which is operate in a sustainable manner.


We offer electric outboarder, electric inboarder and also hybrid drive from 1 to 160 hp. We believe in the products from the market leader Torqeedo from Germany, with electric engines for small yawls up to the 10 tons cruiser.


The electric boat engine offers many advantages:


•    obvious quieter in comparison with a combustion engine
•    ecofriendly
•    allowed to drive in low-emission zones
•    low maintenance effort
•    low consumption costs

Electric outboard motors


The electric outboard motors are not only for sailing boats, which want to be ecofriendly even without wind. Because of the range from 1 to 80 hp it is the perfect outboard engine for dinghys, kayak, motor- or sailing boats.


Electric inboard motors 


There are electric inboard motors for heavy boats, which displace the water but for fast boats too, which slide over the water between 40 and 80 hp.


Hybrid engine


A hybrid engine ensures the mobility with environmentally friendly electrical engine. For example sailing boats can use solar energy or hydro generator produced energy for recharging. If this shouldn’t be enough the generator will produce enough energy.


Pod engine


Electric motors as a space saving and ergonomic pod version are especially for sailing boats an interesting opportunity. 


Our benefits at a glance:


•    advise and selling of boat motors and hybrid engines
•    maintenance and repair of electric & hybrid engines
•    installation and mounting of the motors and of solar panels for the energy supply