Supplies – engines and generators

We offer, besides the service for mounting the different engine opportunities, a big range of supplies and extras. In the department of controlling, we offer the comfortDrive joystick controlling, which is installed in our houseboat Aquino. Of course you can try the controlling, before you install it in your own boat. We offer all popular rinser, pumps, boiler and instruments too.


Supplies controlling

No matter it you need a new remote for your motor, a new streering wheel or if you want to modify your control system from mechanic to hydraulic. Get an advise from us and come to our AWN-Marinashop.


Joystick - ComfoDrive

A special innovation we have developed for the Aquino: the joystick control ComfoDrive. It can be trasferred to owner boats and makes meneuvering easy. The boat can be controlled in a narrow space, as well as in the side wind, flow or standstill. Only one hand is needed to operate the joystick.




The forward and backward movement of the joystick controls the main machine, as with the ordinary control lever. Moving the joystick to the left or to the right controls the lateral movement across the bow and stern thrusters. The movable head of the joystick controls the bow and stern thrusters by a rotary movement so that the boat can rotate on the spot.

The concept

We produce your desired boat with the ComfoDrive system or retrofit it in your engine and sailing yacht. The system is also compatible with multiple control stands. The corresponding components can easily be installed in the existing on-board technology. Complementary:


  • a robust 3-axis joystick
  • the ComfoDrive electronics
  • two servomotors
  • a control panel
  • software


In addition, a hand-held remote control can be installed. This works like a second or further control station.


The tremendous maneuverability is achieved by three propellers, which are coordinated in each case: a bow propeller, a rear propeller and the normal main propeller propeller. If the bow and stern thruster are controlled exactly opposite, the boat turns like a ballet dancer around its own axis. If you control the bow and stern propellers in the same direction, the boat is exactly offset on the side. This means that a longitudinal section must theoretically only be one millimeter longer than the boat at the front and rear. This video demonstrates how this works:



We would like to repair and mount all filter and pumps for you, which are mounted in the motor.


Install a warm water boiler in your motor cooling system and profit from the heat of the motor.



We would like to install new instruments, which satisfy your requirements. No matter if it is a fish locator, compass or anemometer.


Gears can be repaired and renewed. We have the ability to buy most of the gears, even if the manufacturer does not exist anymore.

Adapter kits for varied saildrives

Especially our partner Sole Diesel is specialized for damaged motors and offers adapter kits for that, which can be mount on e.g. original Volvo / Yanmar saildrives. 


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