Hydraulic systems for bow and stern thruster 

Our approved hydraulic engine systems offer many advantages by comparison to conventional engine systems. So you can use your windlass or your bow and stern thruster, without being afraid of the overheating protection from conventional electric motors. For an easy handling we recommend the combination of hydraulic engine and our comfoDrive system.


Bow and stern thruster

Today most of the bow and stern thrusters are built-in at the factory, because they offer more comfort during manoeuvring and help that it is easier to berth even with strong crosswind. You can also modify older boats and built in a bow and stern thruster. The shape of the hull decides which modifications are possible but the length and characteristics are important too. We would like to advise you about your opportunities and performance requirements. 

Joystick – comfoDrive system

For an easy control we recommend our joystick - comfoDrive system. With this the manoeuvring will be very easy even with flow and crosswind. Control your boat comfortable with the joystick. No matter if you want to turn your boat around or move it sideways. 

Our offer at a glance:

•    repair and maintenance of your engine system 
•    planning and mounting of new engine systems
•    modification of bow and stern thrusters 
•    installation of our joystick – comfoDrive systems